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Pre- & Post-Care


Review CR aesthetics pre- and post-care guidelines for further clarification on medications and activities to avoid before and after treatment. Please note specific post-care instructions for BOTOX® Cosmetic and the JUVÉDERM® line of fillers. If you plan to receive treatment, please be advised of the following.


Pre-Appointment: General

  • You may not receive injectable treatments if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Avoid vitamin E, fish oil, ginko biloba, st john’s wort, turmeric and ginseng 7–10 days prior to the procedure. These drugs and herbs may cause excessive bruising.
  • Avoid alcohol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen for five days prior to procedure.
  • Use of prescription blood thinners, such as Plavix and Coumadin, may increase your risk of bruising. Prescription blood thinners should NOT be discontinued without the written consent of your prescribing physician.
  • When used as directed, Arnica montana may help prevent bruising and swelling, and is highly recommended.

Pre-Appointment: Aquagold Fine Touch

  • No area to be treated should receive any type of chemical peel for two weeks prior to or after treatment.
  • Waxing and/or use of chemical depilatories must be avoided for one week prior to and after AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch treatment. Shaving is allowed immediately before treatment and 48–72 hours after treatment, as long as there is no skin irritation.
  • Retin-a, renova and tazorac must not be used for three days prior to treatment.
  • Area to be treated must be clean and or free of any lotion, makeup or sunscreen. Please remove prior to treatment.
  • You may not be pregnant for this Aquagold Fine Touch.
  • Notify provider of any tattoos, including cosmetic tattooing, in the vicinity of the area to be treated as tattoos must be avoided.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, we may recommend prophylactic antiviral therapy in the form of Valtrex® or Aycylovir. Follow the directions for your prescription.
  • During the course of your Aquagold Fine Touch treatment, notify CR aesthetics staff of any changes to your medical history, health status or personal activities that may be relevant to your treatment.


Post-Appointment: General

  • You may take acetaminophen/Tylenol if you experience any mild tenderness or discomfort. Avoid aspirin or ibuprofen products, vitamin E and fish oil, as they may increase your potential to bruise.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours, as this may contribute to bruising.
  • Avoid extended UV exposure until any redness has subsided.
  • Apply an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to the treated area/s.
  • Avoid excessive heat such as saunas, hot showers and steam rooms. This may cause the blood vessels to dilate and lead to more bruising.
  • Wait a minimum of four weeks before receiving any laser treatments, and 12 hours before skin care treatments.
  • Facial acupuncture can be done two weeks after receiving treatment.

Post-Appointment: Aquagold Fine Touch

  • It is recommended that makeup not be applied for six hours after the procedure.
  • Do not wash your face for the first six hours after Aquagold Fine Touch treatment. Wash the treated area gently with a gentle cleanser, and apply your routine skin moisturizer after. You may resume your daily skin care regimen the next day.
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated slightly to reduce swelling.
  • A sunburn-like effect is normal for one day. The treated area may appear pink in color, but will resolve in one to two hours. The skin may feel tight, dry, swollen and sensitive to the touch.
  • Sun exposure must be avoided for at least 24 hours after your treatment (preferably one to two weeks). If you know you will get incidental sun exposure – i.e. driving to and from work, walking from your car to the house, etc. – we recommend physical avoidance of the sun in all treated areas, a protective hat and a full spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 or higher.
  • Do not use exfoliating medications, chemicals or products on the treated areas for at least two weeks.
  • No exercise that causes sweating and no jacuzzi, sauna or steam baths if any skin irritation exists.

Post-Appointment: Botox Cosmetic

  • Do not lie down or massage treated areas for four hours following your treatment.
  • If forehead was treated, do not wear a hat or visor for four hours post treatment.
  • Refrain from heavy exercise for the remainder of the treatment day.
  • Avoid excessive heat such as saunas, hot showers and steam rooms for the remainder of the day. This may cause the blood vessels to dilate and lead to more bruising.
  • Facial acupuncture can be done two weeks after receiving treatment.
  • If you would like to reapply makeup, do so gently over the treatment area/s.

Post-Appointment: Juvéderm

  • DO NOT RUB OR MASSAGE the treated area/s today. When cleansing your face or applying makeup, use gentle, sweeping motions to avoid excessive mobility of the area/s.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or activity for the remainder of the treatment day. You may resume other normal activities/routines immediately.
  • Bruising at the treatment site may occur.
  • Temporary, minimal to moderate swelling may be expected related to the area/s treated and the product/s used.
  • It may be normal to experience some tenderness at the treatment site that can last for a few hours or, at times, a couple of days.
  • It may be normal to feel firmness in your treated area/s for the first few days after treatment. Over time, the area/s will soften and settle.
  • Apply cool compresses to the area/s treated (avoiding pressure).

Post-Appointment: Micro-Needling

Immediately After Appointment

  • Do not apply anything to skin for six to eight hours after treatment. This includes makeup, SPF and products of any kind.
  • Avoid clothing, headbands, scarves or hats on the treated area.
  • Redness and/or swelling is common and will resolve over time.

Hours After Treatment

  • Gently cleanse skin with water only.
  • Apply serums provided.

One to Three Days After Treatment

  • Cleanse skin with a gentle cleanser
  • Apply SPF in the morning, and throughout the day as needed.
  • Apply serums provided as needed.
  • Do not pick, peel, rub, scrub or irritate your skin while it is healing, as this may cause scarring.
  • Do not use a Clarisonic® or other cleansing device for three days.
  • Do not use retinol, alpha beta hydroxy acid (AHA) or bleaching creams for three days.
  • It is recommended that facials be avoided for three days, with the exception of moisturizing facials that do not involve abrasion or scrubbing of any kind.

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